Project ROBG-456 "Harshova-Dobrichka, together on the beautiful path of sustainable development through cross-border culture"


The Municipality of Dobrich has started work on the project “Harshova – Dobrich, Together on the beautiful path of sustainable development through cross-border culture” (ROBG-456). Green Region “.

What’s the purpose?

The aim of the project is to revitalize the cross-border region, stimulating tourism and at the same time contributing to the preservation of the cultural heritage of the historical area in which there are two nations (Romania and Bulgaria).

What is the budget?

EUR 1,477,350.17, of which EUR 1,255,747.64 from the ERDF

Who performs it?

Lead Beneficiary (UK): Administrative-territorial unit of Harshova

Beneficiary 2 (B2): Municipality of Dobrich

When is it running?

Start date: 12.09.2018

End date: 11.09.2022

Duration: 48 months

Where is it performed?

On the territory of Dobrich district in Bulgaria and Constanta district in Romania

How is it implemented?

  • Development of a common strategy for valorization of cultural heritage
  • Organizing a cross-border festival: “Dobrudja with vest and apron” in Hershova, Romania
  • Organizing training in the field of cultural tourism
  • Promotion and encouragement of the transformation of the folklore festival “Songs and Dances of Sunny Dobrudja” in the village of Debrene, Bulgaria into a cross-border
  • Modernization of Harshova House of Culture through repairs and equipment specific to cultural activities
  • Modernization of two community centers: “New Life – 1941” in the village of Cherna and the community center “Light – 1940” in the village of Lovchantsi through repair, furnishing and equipment

What will be the project’s contribution to the Program?

  • 1 common strategy for the valorisation of cultural and natural heritage by restoring and promoting it for sustainable economic purposes;
  • Created 1 integrated tourist product
  • Increase of tourist nights in the region of the cross-border region (46,676 pieces)


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