(Religious Dobrudja)

The route has a historical and religious character, it includes specific sites, including religious settlements of all cultures found in Dobrudja – north and south.
Religion still has a strong influence on people’s daily lives and holidays. Many of the biggest holidays of the year are related to the faith, derive from it and return people to the original values ​​and virtues that underlie every religion. In the past and today, life and religion are intertwined in many ways, so religion cannot be understood without assessing the way of life of the local population, and beliefs and religious rites are influenced by their daily lives. The reasons for offering the route “Religious Dobrudja” are:

1) the high relative share of tourists who visit other regions and countries in order to get acquainted with the history of religion and related relics, buildings, customs and events;
2) the rich religious heritage of the region, including religious sites dating back centuries before the new era, a number of shrines and temples functioning today and demonstrating the unity of people of different religions who manage to celebrate their holidays together and live in peace and understanding between you are.

The route offers opportunities for pilgrims, for people who perceive the sights through the philosophy and values ​​of a particular religion and for tourists interested in religions and their historical development in places. It is suitable for visiting at any time, most of the sites are open all year round.